The Rose Parker Trio, a tapestry of Western Australia’s finest musical threads, brings together three seasoned artists with roots in folk, country, blues, and indie rock. Rose Parker, a revered singer-songwriter and guitarist, has been a staple in the Australian music scene for nearly 30 years. As a pivotal member of the “Velvet Janes,” her tours spanned from Sydney to San Francisco, gracing numerous festivals and producing four albums.

Now stepping into the spotlight with her eponymous ensemble, Rose continues to weave her spellbinding songcraft, her poignant lyrics resonating deep within, carried by a voice that shifts effortlessly from a gentle folk timbre to a powerful gospel fervor.

For over a decade, Rose has shared the stage with two stalwart musicians: David Hyams, with his nationwide acclaim and the renowned “Miles To Go band,” brings his exceptional guitar skills, and Roy Martinez, an award-winning, virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, rounds out the trio with his dynamic bass.

Their recent performances at Fairbridge, Bridgetown Blues, Nannup Music Festival, and Jarrahfall Folk Festival have showcased the rich, narrative-driven compositions that are Parker’s signature, enriched by Hyams’s intricate guitar harmonies and Martinez’s rhythmic, melodious bass lines. Their blend of three-part harmonies and tales that touch on our shared humanity, our land, and our collective journeys, has been enchanting audiences, steadily cultivating a devoted following.